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gloomy june is a moody California pop band made up of singer Alexi Rose Belchere (she/her), guitarist Devin Nelson (he/they), bassist Jack Sundquist (he/him), and drummer Ash Hyatt (they/them). Named for the cold fog that surrounds their hometown of San Francisco at the beginning of the Summer, gloomy june is the soundtrack of a beach party tinged with melancholy.


In an era where fear and uncertainty are our closest companions, gloomy june is there to tell you uncertainty can be okay. gloomy june songs are pop refracted through an anxious lens: sometimes anthemic, often queer, and always a little tragic. Written through late 2020 and early 2021, when the global pandemic made going to house parties and shows seem like a past life, their new EP, “Popsick,” explores social woes with a near-nostalgic tone. If you’ve ever felt “othered”, or if the world has made you more anxious than you’re used to, gloomy june is for you. 

“Gloomy June makes catchy, infectious synth pop (that) marries retro vibes and punk inspired pop elegantly.”

— The Wild Is Calling

“Early 2000s indie pop combined with the angst of pop-punk ...a breath of fresh air in the indie-pop scene.”

— Mitch Stewart, Punkaganda Press

“A sound that hooks you and keeps you listening all the way through. ..Huge nostalgic vibes from ..listening to British Indie-Pop in the mid 00's”

— Fred Bambridge, It's All Indie

"Radiating resplendent energy, gloomy june is anything but the dreary and despondent theme that their name might suggest.


— Kartik Sundar, Find No Enemy


DEVIN NELSON | guitars, vocals, synths
JACK SUNDQUIST| bass, synths, visuals
ASH HYATT | drums




Dream Pop, Alternative pop punk 


San Francisco, CA 



Mew, AFI, Chvrches, The 1975, My Chemical Romance, Explosions in the Sky


The Killers, The 1975, Paramore

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